baptismThere are three parts to the Baptism journey.

First is the preparation night on the last Monday of each month.

Second  the Welcome whereby we present the children to the community. Usually this is done when attending Mass on the first weekend after the preparation night. 

Third the Baptism, the ceremony can take place either during Mass or outside

Baptism Times:
Baptisms dates are to be fixed in consultation with the parish office. 
 Bookings are essential
Please ring the parish office to book
Contact: Grace Healey, 
Pastoral Associate
Baptism Co-ordinator
Ph:          8264 7590
Kindly download the booking forms by clicking the following links:

You can fill in the baptism booking form online by filling the following form:

Child's Name*
Date of Birth:*
Place of Birth:*
Father's Name:*
Father's Religion:*
Mother's Name:*
Mother's Maiden Name: (If applicable)
Mother's Religion:*
Date of Baptism:*
Time of Baptism:*
God Father:*
God Mother:*

Please note: One Godparent must be Catholic

For families who live outside the parish:

Your Home Parish:*
Your Parish Priest's Name:*
Your Parish Phone:*

As a matter of courtesy please phone your home parish and ask to be included in the preparation session for baptism and get the form signed. (you can collect the hard copy of the form from the parish office)

Parents and Godparents will have to sign the hard copy of the form in the parish office.