Reach Out

The first meeting of Reach Out was held on 23rd August, 1976 – the feast of St Rose of Lima. It arose from the need to reach out to the sick, lonely and isolated in the parish. Members established a Thrift shop with a drop-in centre in the district in 1982 and this ran for a number of years. The needs of the parish have changed over time with the establishment of the St Vincent de Paul in the area and the aging of the community. 

The Reach Out group has always met on a Tuesday morning following the 9.15 Mass.  We start with a cuppa and chat before the meeting and offer friendship and support to each other.  Occasionally we have a speaker  or go on an outing, especially a coach tour once a year.   Members of the parish are invited to these events.  
On the first Tuesday of the month we have a Trading Table to support Timor Leste students studying for higher education.  This need was brought to our attention following World Youth Day in 2008.  Raffles are held on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to support the work of St Vincent de Paul in the whole parish.
Usually on the first Tuesday of the month we have some function prior to our shared lunch.  This could be watching a DVD, a speaker, or even a concert among the members.  We are always open to suggestions from members.
We  support our priests who often join us for a cuppa and our excursions.  We help with refreshments at funerals of past members.  
Cards are sent to any sick members and past members as well as birthday cards.  We try to visit and keep in touch with past members who are no longer able to come to meetings. 
We enjoy celebrating and find lots of occasions to celebrate. On Reach Out birthday in August, and prior to Christmas, we go out to a restaurant for lunch.
We welcome new members of any age, Male or female, to our group.  Why not join us for a cuppa one Tuesday?