Events for the Week

NewJ23 = John XXIII Church, HT = Holy Trinity Church

LWHC = Liturgy of the Word with Communion


Mon 20th LWHC, 9.15am, HT
Friendship Bowls, 1pm-3.30pm, J23
R.E., 4pm-5pm, HT

Tues 21st MASS, 9.15am, J23
LWHC, 9.15am, HT
Reach Out, 9.45am, J23

Wed 22nd MASS, 7pm, HT
Over 50’s, 12.30pm-3.30pm, HT
Beer Wine & Port, 7.30pm, J23

Thur 23rd MASS, Modbury Hospital, 11am
Christian Meditation, 2pm, J23

Fri 24th MASS, 9.15 am, HT
Craft Group, Bus Trip 9.00am.
Holy Hour, 3pm, HT

Sat 25th MASS, 6pm, J23
Sacramental Program, 4pm, J23

Sun 26th MASS, 8am, J23
MASS, 10am, HT

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